Balangan Luxury Villa Bali

Things to do around Balangan

  • Enjoy beach days at Balangan Beach where you can surf, swim and dine at the beach warongs.

  • Have an aromatic and relaxing massage at various spas in the area including Bliss, Jimbaran Bay.

  • Go to the cliff-top temple at Uluwatu before sunset to see a performance of ancient ritual, dance and drama called Kecak Ramayana and Fire Dance. Watch out for the monkeys!

  • Watch the sunset at Single Fin Bar, Uluwatu and then have dinner at the funky Sunset Grill, a local Mexican restaurant which makes sensational burritos, burgers and pizzas.

  • Head to Ubud, the artistic heart of Bali for a visit to the Monkey Forest, fabulous shopping and dining as well as beautiful performances which grace a dozen stages nightly.

  • Enjoy a swim and a stroll along the 12km arc of sand which is Bali’s well-known Kuta Beach.
    Barter for a bargain at the shopping markets behind the beach.

  • Have a day shopping or a night out at the stylish areas of Seminyak or later, be drawn in by the world-class open-air clubs of Legion with international DJs spinning their legendary sets.

  • A must-do is dinner at one of the many beachside seafood grills in Jimbaran. Enjoy enormous fresh prawns, local fish and other seafood which is marinated and grilled over coconut husks. Watch the sunset with your feet in the sand and an ice-cold beer in your hand while you wait for your dinner.