Balangan Luxury Villa Bali


Surrounded by forest and rural scenery, AURORA VILLA commands panoramic views from the rooftop lounge spanning the Indian Ocean and the southern most tip of the island. This beautiful area boasts some of the most idyllic beaches in Bali including Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin, Padang Padang and Uluwatu. These hidden white sandy coves are great for surfers and sun/sea lovers alike.
AURORA VILLA has been uniquely designed to catch the cool breezes even at the hottest time of the year. The design of AURORA VILLA is integrated with the architecture seamlessly flowing from the inside lounge/dining area to the outside pool area, where lounges with umbrellas and beanbags for relaxing in the shade are provided. AURORA VILLA offers a spacious, open-air living and dining experience.

Green Initiatives

AURORA VILLA was built with the idea of being a sustainable and eco-friendly building which still looked modern, attractive and was very comfortable at the same time. AURORA VILLA, therefore, purposefully utilizes many eco-friendly initiatives.

The 12-metre swimming pool uses a process called ionization to purify the water instead of chlorine which creates a fresh water, lap pool experience.

Fans and shutters create natural, cross-flow ventilation in all rooms and attractive netting is provided over all the king-sized beds. These louvers, which wrap around the villa, were constructed by recycled timber and the rest of the timber was used to build some custom-made, solid wood furniture for the villa including the door.

LED lighting has been used throughout the villa to reduce almost 80% of the energy consumption compared with normal use. Also, star rated electronic devices and household items equip the villa such as LED TV, eco-friendly fridge and ceiling fans with special blade technology.
The villa is also designed with some skylights and wide-open windows to bring enough light into the room during the day. The open timber louvers provide the fresh, cool breeze into the room.

As preserving water is a big issue in this time, the villa was designed to catch, keep and use water as wisely as possible.  A storm water system was created which connects to a large capacity collecting tank.  This is then re-used for watering the lawn and refilling the pond. This collecting tank also harnesses water from the sewage system called a “waste water garden” where we created a special garden to clean and clear sewage water so that it becomes reusable water for gardens, etc.

The rest of the garden surrounding the property was created using local plants blended with rocks, which were collected from the site itself during construction. This process resulted in a dry savannah landscape which needs less water to maintain it. A garden also sits on the roof to help reduce the temperature of the room underneath.

And there are many other eco-friendly considerations for the building such as using only special water efficiency showerheads in the most of the bathrooms instead of bathtubs.